WiFi Feels Like A Human Right

WiFi Feels Like A Human RightOur reliance on the internet has reached the stage that access to WiFi now seems like a human right. So many of us have smartphones and we have all experienced the difference in speed between WiFi and 3G signals that when there’s no wireless option everything feels like a chore.

You might want to save as much of your data allowance as possible and finding a cafe or bar that offers WiFi can be very useful. So when you lose your home phone line, and with it your internet access, it suddenly feels like you’re in a house with a power cut. A significant barrier to activity has come down.

Unless of course there’s someone in your street with an unprotected wireless router. Everyone should ensure that they keep their wireless networks secure. The password on the back or base is your reassurance that only you know how to connect. I can only assume that it must be someone with a very old router. All modern routers, especially BT’s new Home Hub, come with very secure means of connection.

If you make sure that you have the best deal from your phone and broadband provider then you probably get a new router when you change your provider or upgrade your service. If you’re still using the coat hanger in a jam jar that they sent when you first signed up for broadband in 2002 then you need to think seriously about getting something more secure.

There are lots of consumer electronics that require a WiFi connection now. Smartphones, tablets, games consoles, laptops, Smart TVs, the list goes on. It is worth making sure that you consider the security of your home network, so that some unscrupulous person isn’t breaching your human rights, or at the very least, breaching the security of your WiFi network.

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