What Would Steve Jobs Do?

iPhone5-iOS7-flatA lot has changed in the year and a half since Steve Jobs died. Apple has launched another iPhone that’s hardly any different to the previous two. It issued another update to its iOS software that brought minor new features to those with the two most recent models and virtually nothing new for other users.

They have also dropped the ball in a humiliating way with the launch of Apple Maps. I’m not going to wear out my keys talking about the all out war between Apple and Google, but suffice to say, if you want to rid yourself of a reliance on a competitor within your product, don’t rush to launch something that’s incomplete, poorly tested and utterly unfit for purpose.

Things have improved a lot with Apple Maps apparently. I wouldn’t know because I did what everyone else did and created a shortcut to the Google Maps website and then downloaded the Google Maps app when it became available.

iPhone5-iOS7-rowNow we have the announcement about iOS 7 coming this Autumn. Apparently Apple continues to fear the rise of Android and might even be looking over its shoulder at Windows Phone (can it really be less than 2 years since he died???). The totally redesigned interface loses all the gloss that I personally like about the current UI, even if it is due for a revamp. The flat approach to design that they’ve taken seems to make everything matt and pastel shaded. I don’t want frosted glass, I want crystal clear clarity. What’s retina vision about frosted glass?

The security improvement allowing you to wipe your phone but prevent a thief disabling the GPS tracking is going to be useful for everyone who fears losing the key to their lives. Thinking about just how much of our lives are accessible with one swipe is chilling, so it’s all about protection. (If you haven’t enabled 2-step security on your Apple ID, do it today!)

It’s interesting to see the debates online about the fact Apple have used a white iPhone in virtually all press photography for the new iOS. I’d be surprised if the black handsets go, I think it’s just that the white ones show off the brightness of the new screenshots. Nothing to panic about.

I guess it’ll be interesting to see what the update is like on older phones. Few people are going to have the 5 or the 5S, will all the bells and whistles be available on the 4S? And what about the 4, which is starting to look like the runt of the litter, despite being little different to the 4S. I’m quite happy to continue with what I’ve got, I couldn’t afford to buy a new phone, in fact I’m going to be heading to a PAYG tariff which ironically offers me more data than my current contract.

Steve Jobs would have had high hopes for me owning his latest models, so perhaps he’s better off not knowing just how far I’ve fallen behind.

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