Technology at your fat fingertips

Keyboard for Fat Finger SyndromeWhen it is done correctly a good web experience is user friendly. You should be able to select things easily without the curse of fat finger syndrome. As more of us browse for information on mobiles and tablets it is the responsibility of site designers to make sure that users are not frustrated.

A very good example of this is the AutoTrader app which gives you clear areas to select, makes swiping through a series of images clear and easy while providing other menu structures in tucked away places until you need them.

The contrast is their competition. Where else do you look for second hand car listings? Printed media is out of date too quickly so really it has to be online and this is where so many sites slip up. They don’t put enough thought into their layout. Items for selection should be large enough so that users don’t have a fat finger syndrome imposed on them. What’s fat finger syndrome I hear you ask. Well it’s simply when links or menus are made too small for a user to easily select so that you inadvertently end up selecting something near by, as if you were jabbing the screen with hands like sausages.

We want our user experiences to be quick, simple and free of frustration. It’s bad enough if the information we want is hard to find or not there at all. It’s even worse if you can see what you want but selecting it requires pinpoint accuracy thanks to lazy design, corners cut due to poor planning and a lack of consideration for the visitor.

The best sites will prosper in the mobile and tablet era, it can only be hoped that poorly designed sites disappear.

Design more carefully and we can stamp out Fat Finger Syndrome in our lifetime!

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