Take Your Broadband With You

BT broadbandHow many times have you moved house since you first had broadband? If you’re an average British person you will apparently move house 8 times during your life. This seems like a lot in my opinion but then I have been in my current house for 14 years.

The only thing preventing me being there right now is a burst pipe. For now we’ve moved out but I’m proud to say one of the first things I thought about was ensuring we’d have broadband wherever we ended up. Yes, I know. I accept your shaking heads and tutting with good grace.

However, it turned out not to be the nuisance that I’d imagined. One call to BT confirmed that we could transfer our service to the new address. Unfortunately the new address is served by a different roadside green box which hasn’t yet been upgraded to provide super fast fibre optic BT Infinity. So, basic broadband it is. Never mind.

We ended up less than a mile away which meant we stayed within our dialling code. That made it possible to keep our usual landline phone number, at no cost.

Incidentally, and this is worth knowing, we moved to a house that didn’t have a phone line installed. Putting in a phone line usually comes with a £50 charge (it used to be £150) but if you’re ordering a service at the same time it’s free. Perhaps you already knew that but I didn’t.

When the time comes to return to our house we can simply transfer everything back to that address and plug back into juicy fibre optic broadband again.

I’m looking forward to the place being fixed up really nicely and I’ll certainly never want to leave. I’ve done enough moving house in the last 5 weeks thank you. But I admit I consider broadband a higher priority than any of my other utilities.

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