Spotify now free on mobiles

spotify-now-free-on-mobilesI like listening to music when there are chances during a busy day and Spotify is a great opportunity. Frustratingly it was only available for free on a PC and I was too tight to pay for the Premium subscription.

Now though, you can use Spotify on your mobile, iOS or Android, for free. If that means putting up with the occasional promotional message then that’s fine with me. I like discovering new music and it’s good to select a genre and just let it play on shuffle.

I hope that some other media streaming services will eventually allow a free level of involvement. LoveFILM Instant would be the one I’d most like to use more. The 30-day free trial we used was really good and I’d like to continue but I’m just too tight to pay £5.99 a month. Yes I know that sounds terrible but I’m surprisingly cheap.

It’s rather like that feeling at Christmas where you get a chance to record loads of good films off the TV but that’s only a short term thing. With Spotify for free it’s a world of music for nothing, indefinitely.

I’m sure there will be usage limits but I’m never likely to reach them listening to music while doing jobs round the house.

So now I can look forward to even more random and hilarious automated recommendations such as the recent, “If you loved The Beach Boys, why not try The Who?”. Just a joy.

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