Smart TV technology keeps improving

smart tvSo you switch on your smart TV and you see BBC iPlayer icons and YouTube icons and you feel that giggly sensation that you’ve got a new TV. Then you start to use some of the apps and you probably curse BT because you wish you had fibre optic broadband, or perhaps you’ve got it and you wish there was something good on.

Well there are so many ways in which you can enjoy your web enabled TV, whether it’s Netflix or just the website you created especially to showcase the wedding photos you took.

But then a couple of years go by, no more than a couple, and suddenly there are TVs that do all of this and more. And best of all you have a remote that you can wave around to point at things on the screen, instead of typing like a caveman on the standard remote control.

Personally I think it’s thrilling that you can do so much more with your TV than just watch the same four channels again and again without needing to pay anything every month to Sky.

It’s even more cool if you are fortunate enough to have fibre optic broadband and you’re doing this all via the built-in WiFi… I imagine…..

Ultimately the benefit you gain from the technology will be how much you’re able to use it in ways that bring your family together. Perhaps you’ll have a music channel on while you’re preparing dinner or you’ll watch something wholesome together like Breaking Bad… *cough*. Either way it’d be a real shame to go out and buy a lovely clever TV and then just use it to watch Eastenders.

A smart TV can be a real home entertainment system in every sense of the word if you use it to its full potential. Think about how you use your TV and broadband. Are you making the most of it?

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