Smart TV Choices Just Keep Getting Better

Watch Inside Out on your Smart TVAnyone buying a smart TV for the first time this Christmas is in for a real treat. I couldn’t imagine not having one, they’ve become such a part of our family activity now, and generally not even for watching TV!

When you can’t find anything tolerable on the music channels that are playing all the awful Christmas “hits” from the 70s and 80s you can switch to YouTube and either find a playlist put together by someone with similar tastes or you can create your own. The ability to pair your iPad with your TV to make the typing and searching faster only makes this more enjoyable.

Alternatively, if you’re trying to make the weekly ironing more fun / less tedious you can use the TuneIn Radio app to listen to BBC Radio 5Live if there’s a match commentary on or possibly listen to Planet Rock. Never will ironing seem quite so soul destroying again.

But lately it has been another option that has come to our rescue. Netflix is a great selection of material and my girls make good use of it but there’s always a delay of months waiting for certain things to appear. Wanting to watch the Pixar masterpiece Inside Out, I thought I’d wait til it was out on Blu-Ray but due to the 3D disc not playing in a standard player (lesson learned) I used the Blinkbox app to either rent or buy the film within minutes.

Having already created a Blinkbox account to make use of a digital UltraViolet code for Minions, I had coincidentally received a “50% off” code by email that morning so Inside Out was ours!

Goodbye to Discs?

I’ve become used to buying second hand DVDs and Blu-Rays off eBay and then selling them on but now that just doesn’t seem worth bothering with. For those films that aren’t “keepers” I’m happy just to rent them for £3.49 and save myself the eBay experience. Have we reached a period where physical formats really are more hassle than they’re worth? I recently sold the massive majority of my film collection (The Godfather trilogy and Apocalypse Now made the cut and will be buried with me) so it’s only our obligatory library of kids films that takes up space in The Drawer.

Sky TV subscriptions give you the ability to access films and box sets but for those of us who don’t pay Murdoch £40 a month there are still plenty of convenient ways to get the media you want in subscription-free ways that make having a smart TV seem like an obvious choice.

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