Setting Up an Android Tablet

android tablet set upI have had the opportunity to set up an Android tablet this week. Having only used Windows PCs and Apple iOS devices it was an interesting process. I’ve got a Google account for the various bits of stuff I do online and to be honest it’s critical because, just like needing access to iTunes and the App Store if you’re going to use an iPad, you need a Google account to access Google Play, the Android app store.

The Tesco Hudl is a great little 7 inch screen tablet. The clarity is impressive and the format’s very familiar if you’ve used iOS. It was, after all, ripped off from Apple. But to experience your Android tablet you have to get through a rather convoluted set up process. Apple definitely got it right with the iPad. Once you’ve connected to your WiFi, you then need to put in your all important Google account details. Without this you’re stuck with the apps that come pre-loaded. Then comes the Tesco stage. It’s possible to bypass the integration of a Tesco account but it’s clear that they want at least part of your time to be spent on doing your grocery shopping! Though this is hardly a hidden reason for the Hudl’s competitive price tag.

Have you read the reviews? Have you been impressed by its competitive features and performance? Have you noticed the suggestions that Tesco is actually making a loss on them on the basis that they are simply harvesting information about user activities and hoping that the in built Tesco apps will generate additional revenue? I wouldn’t be at all surprised. There’s a wealth of useful data to be gleaned from what your customers are looking for and buying online.

But let’s not be too suspicious. Let’s just enjoy the Android tablet experience. It’s interesting for a geek to have a go with something new so I’m looking forward to becoming a bit more familiar with the software. Though, as an iOS user, I guess I already am!

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