Replacing your iPhone battery

iPhone battery life problemThe temptation to opportunity-charge your iPhone usually degrades your battery performance but you don’t need to feel that your phone is no good and needs replacing. Opportunity-charging means doing it whenever you get the chance, rather than allowing it to discharge to a suitable level.

Lithium-Ion batteries can tolerate this to a certain extent but much better practice would be to discharge the battery to about 20% and fully recharge it. This cycle is important to maximise the charge capacity of the battery. Sounds fascinating doesn’t it? OK, let’s acknowledge that you’re more interested in the solution.

Having recently changed the battery in an iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 I can say that it’s a fairly straightforward exercise and can transform the life of your phone, potentially preventing an expensive upgrade. The batteries and necessary toolkits are generally sold together and are readily available for about £10-12. A real bargain.

The iPhone 5 clearly has less wizardry than the 6 (no Touch ID for example) so opening the phone gets you straight to the battery. Simply remove the cover that protects the battery connection, flip up tab and then it’s just a case of prising up the battery, which is stuck in place. Do this gently and then install the new one and retrace your steps. Fully charge the battery and then use it as normal. This video summarises the steps neatly.

More needs to be done for the iPhone 6. Four or five things need to be disconnected before you get access to the battery but the right tools and lots of care will get the job done. I’ve given both phones a complete new lease of life and that will allow us to pass them on down the line to our children, meaning they have reliable phones without needing to buy replacements.

Good battery charging will prolong the life of your battery; replacing a dying battery will prolong the life of your phone.

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