Remakes: Please Stop!

remake-stop-blog-image-lowRemakes can indeed make something better. Heat is better than LA Takedown for example, but in that instance it was Michael Mann having another crack at his own film. Simply returning to a film because you’ve run out of ideas seems a weak reason.

After Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Last House on the Left, the latest one is Evil Dead. The horror genre isn’t the only one to undergo this trend but it’s a classic example. Films with a notorious reputation, films subjected to endless scrutiny and controversy at the time of their initial release, being revisited in an era when film certification is a lot more tolerant (the original Evil Dead is now available uncut on DVD) just seems like producers wanting to inherit the profile and audience awareness for their new attempt.

Tell everyone you’re making a film with a title they already know and it’s as good as adding a number on the end of a franchise.

At least have the decency to come up with a movie that takes a well trodden genre and do it well. Cloverfield was a great example of this. Monster movie: check. Screaming: check. Destruction of famous landmarks: check. But it was done with style.

Frankly the two least inspiring words in the movie world at the moment are, “Episode Seven”.

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