Powerbank chargers are a godsend

smartphone low battery chargerWe all want our smartphone battery charge to last a long time and that’s probably more achievable if you’re among those people who aren’t checking their phone every 5 minutes (guilty!).

If it’s going to be a long day or you’re expecting to be away from the house for a while then it’s always useful to have the backup of at least one battery charge in your pocket.

Powerbank chargers are only a couple of quid on eBay and if you’re prepared enough to have charged it for a couple of hours before leaving the house then you can use the micro USB cable to charge your Android or Windows phone and also your iPhone if you make a point of taking your cable with you.

Keep one in your car, one in your bag or pocket, be prepared for being away from mains power and avoiding the dreaded red battery icon.

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