Netflix is like pick and mix

netflixNetflix. It’s the digital equivalent of pick ‘n mix. You can trawl through for the things you like and every now and then you discover something you really, really like and you end up binging on it!

Yes, that was a fizzy Cola bottle metaphor, because let’s face it if you don’t like fizzy Cola bottles then you’ve probably just finished Cola bottle rehab or you’ve stuffed your face with them and can’t face any more, for a while.

With the exception of perhaps Better Call Saul, which launched one episode per week in a delightfully retro style, the great thing about the short attention span lifestyle we all lead is that the day a new series is published you can stay up all night and even phone in sick the next day if you need to.

Adding things to your list is a useful facility, especially the way you can window shop and then ages later when you run out of series to watch you go back to those things you skip over and finally get round to watching them. Stand up comedy is plentiful so that’s a great standby.

Ideally I’d be writing this 3 years ago when Netflix was considered something new but I think the reason it has come up is that it’s now a platform that inspires new content. Amazon is playing a damn good game of catch-up and the bidding war for new ideas between subscriber platforms, cable TV and traditional TV channels must now be obscene.

When you consider just how incredibly well received Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror was in generating attention at Channel 4 it gives you an indication of just how much Netflix bid for series 3 and 4 that the new batch of episodes went live this week away from terrestrial eyes.

If Clarkson and Co have indeed sealed a $160m 3-year deal from Amazon then it just shows the muscle that subscriber platforms can wield. I’m off to write a 3 series, 66 episode script for a show about an American President who starts making crystal meth in a women’s prison, I think it’ll be a winner!

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