My Broadband Needed More Fibre

fibre-optic-blog-imageI like technology and I am constantly impressed by the things it can do, but to see it all working at its best you need things to be working smoothly. And by smoothly I mean fast.

Super fast broadband is the current jigsaw piece that most of the UK needs and if you live in a major metropolitan area you’ve probably already got it. However until recently I thought it might never make it to my part of central England so when I discovered that BT were now accepting orders for BT Infinity in my area I placed my order as fast as my clunky broadband would allow.

It is now installed and I am finally realising the true potential of the everyday devices in our home. Apps that don’t take forever to download (I think we previously had BT Eternity) and even better than that, a TV that is now truly coming to life.

When you bring together a smart TV and super fast broadband, you open so many doors. Not just the ability to watch BBC iPlayer without having to use your laptop, but the chance to pair a tablet to YouTube so you can type freely instead of using the TV remote control.

But the real joy can be in using some of the apps within the TV to use streaming services like Netflix or LoveFILM. Personally I wasn’t impressed with the selection on Netflix, my high hopes were not realised. However, LoveFILM, owned by Amazon, has got lots of things I want to get through during my 30 day free trial. I’ll cancel at the end of the trial but at least I will have used more of the TV’s potential.

I am excited about watching a movie now; a new medium, a new opportunity. Perhaps I shouldn’t be so nerdy but having endured terrible bandwidth for so long I suddenly feel liberated.

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