Moving from iOS to Android

The tightrope of moving from iOS to AndroidMoving from iOS to Android is a change that lots of people make every year, or vice versa, and yet it can be a potentially daunting prospect when you have so much media tied up in one particular format.

When Apple and Google have both implemented processes that automatically backup your settings, photos, music and even messages, you face quite a dilemma when considering how to migrate all your media to a new platform.

Of course their built in backup facilities are intended to increasingly commit you to staying where you’ve invested the time and effort. So can it be that fatigue with one operating system can build up enough to make you walk away from it and go through the change?

I’m looking ahead to this autumn when the next iOS update will be unlikely to apply to my phone. Should I buy a second hand iOS device that’s more recent or should I move to Android? Should I buy a Samsung Galaxy S3 and leave behind 3 years of Apple smartphone experience?

In my opinion most people who have music on their phone also have it on a hard drive somewhere. If you sync your webmail account, Gmail for example, with your smartphone then you’ll have all your contacts safely stored there, ready to access from any new phone. So that leaves photos. If you have the Google Plus app or the SkyDrive app from Microsoft you can automatically backup your photos directly from your camera roll and so you don’t have to harvest everything you’ve ever posted on facebook or Twitter, they’ll already be safe.

Actually, the more I think about it, switching from iOS to Android, or vice versa, should be quite straight forward as long as you make use of the simplest of technology tools. What was I worrying about?

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