Lose Your Contacts And Relax

smartphone contact security

Something that can happen to any of us is that you either lose your phone or it gets damaged. At that point you might worry about all the potential identity theft issues if your phone falls into the wrong hands. Hopefully you’ve protected yourself with some form of 2-step verification on your account. That’ll save you a world of hassle and stress.

But the other thing that disappears along with your phone is your contacts. This seems to be a problem for lots of people. How often do you see messages on facebook from phoneless people who are asking their friends to message them back with their phone number? Some of those replies are even typed into the reply box rather than sent by private message, potentially showing that number to friends of friends. We’d shudder if our children shared information about themselves in that way, and there are plenty of examples of them doing exactly that same mistake.

However, the root cause of this is the lost contacts. Why not have all your contacts in your webmail account and sync that with your phone so that it frankly doesn’t matter if your phone goes missing? It’s so easy to do this, whether you’re using Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or Apple’s own mail service. You can continue to manage your contacts from your phone when you need to and it’s all backed-up.

Say goodbye to broadcasting requests for phone numbers, look ahead to having one less thing to worry about with your data.

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