Looking Backwards and Forwards

looking-forwards-blog-imageIn 2012 I had a number of things on my radar. The Dark Knight Rises was most definitely the top of the list. Nothing would have stopped me seeing that on opening weekend. Skyfall was another must-see as far as I was concerned. Loved them both. In fact I decided that, having never seen a movie in IMAX before, I would go to see Skyfall a second time. Considering the theatre is not so deep because they want you close to the massive screen, they don’t half play it loud. Mr Bond’s antics  nearly shook my teeth out. Good fun though.

Anyway, there was other stuff too. Django Unchained, The Hobbit, Lincoln, none of which I went to see. All 5 of these films are beyond the 2.5 hour mark and in many instances closer to 3.

Now I can sit still for that length of time but it’s important not to drink any fluids for the previous 2 hours, just to be sure!

Maybe I should have made more of an effort. Django Unchained seems like it might be worth catching up with on DVD but my interest in The Hobbit was more a technical one. I admit to being interested in the whole 48fps debate and that’s not something I’m going to get from home viewing but perhaps I’ve reached my threshold of Middle Earth.

So then, what is 2013 going to impress me with? I want to watch Danny Boyle’s Trance. He’s virtually always value for money and I like a good twisty turny plot.

It may be a bit brainless but Pacific Rim looks like it could be a stunner. Prometheus looked good but was trying too hard. Guillermo Del Toro doesn’t look like he’s trying to do anything other than punch my adrenaline gland and I’ve no problem with that.

I enjoyed The Hunger Games so the second one in December should be worth a look too. It would be nice to see Monsters University on the big screen and after how much I absolutely loved Kick-Ass, it’d be a shame to miss out on Kick-Ass 2 in July.

And let’s not forget wanting to, I mean being asked to, take my eldest to watch Despicable Me 2!

But surely, the thing I’m most definitely going to watch, as close to opening weekend as possible, if not opening night, will be Alan Partridge: The Movie. “Alpha Papa”! Great stuff!

I just love Alan Partridge and if Steve Coogan can be trusted not to turn out a turkey that would spoil such a great legacy then that’s going to be a pure delight! In fact I’m off right now to watch old clips on YouTube!

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