The Lego Movie

The Lego MovieThe Lego Movie is a joyful experience, full of child-at-heart moments and a wonderfully tongue in cheek sense of humour. I took my two kids to see this and they both loved it and wanted to see it again as soon as possible.

From the moment our hero, Emmett, goes through his morning routine of reading the instructions you know the type of humour you’re in for. I was a big Lego fan as a child so the beautifully realised characters and scenes had such a wonderful charm it was impossible not to laugh at water from the shower or demolished buildings.

Another important part of the humour comes from mispronounced brands and nouns. Rather like the lead character from another inspired animated movie, MegaMind, these often serve a purpose, disguising the true nature of, “The Kragle” for example.

I think The Lego Movie also achieved what many other product placement movies don’t, which is to overcome the fact that they’re one long advert for a toy. Movies based on computer games for example have never managed to create enough suspension of disbelief that you forget their origins. The Lego Movie has such fun with itself that the little plastic blocks become the servant for the story, not the end purpose.

There are so many moments of joy it’s hard to pick a favourite; Good Cop / Bad Cop, expensive coffee, following the rules, “I think I heard a whoosh”, the infectious main song, they just keep coming.

It has also stood up to repeat viewing on Blu-Ray and I would certainly rank it as one of my films of the year. It was also pleasing that my kids saw it at the cinema; I like them to experience that grand scale of seeing films, though for reasons of cost it isn’t a monthly event.

Moments of charm and joy are all too rare in the mass-produced market of movies aimed at children so it was with a sense of relief that The Lego Movie was indeed awesome.

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