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kindred-spirits-blog-image-lowI’ve always enjoyed films. Apparently it’s not uncommon to feel that the films you see when you’re at a certain age are the types of film that generally resonate with you as you get older.

In my early teens it seems as if I watched movies like Get Carter, The Godfather and Sleuth quite a few times though I’m not sure if that would have been the case, in an age of 4 channels and infrequent repeats. But that’s the type of thing that has stuck with me.

When it first came out, I bought Empire magazine from the newsagents across the road and even during a time of trimming back on household expenditure my subscription remains intact today. I love it for the feature articles as much as the reviews. The subscriber-only covers are good too and occasionally there’s some kind of special edition booklet or collection. 100 Greatest something that keeps me entertained.

I enjoyed watching Barry Norman presenting Film [insert year] but then he defected to Sky so that fizzled out. But fortunately the BBC has provided another source of movie pleasure with the Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode Film Review show on Radio 5Live. I don’t get to listen live – it’s on 2pm to 4pm on a Friday afternoon – but the podcast is great fun.

I also make a point of downloading the Empire podcast too, in addition to reading the magazine. It’s noticeable how differently the two can review a film, even if they come to broadly the same conclusion.

From only enjoying films that were on the telly, including the obligatory festive dose of Bond, to being able to see stuff whenever I want if I’ve got it on disc or being repeated a million times on digital TV (I forgive ITV2 for hammering Shaun of the Dead because it is just as brilliant the 15th time) to hopefully being able to stream movies online once BT bring fibre to the masses, it’s a great journey enjoying new films alongside old favourites.

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