It’s Amazing What You Can Do For Free

free-wifi-zoneThe content management system for my website is free, so are the plugins that run it, including the one which backs up my site to my webmail’s online storage drive, as is my webmail. There are image libraries from where I can source pictures for my site for free, icons and other hugely useful graphics are available free. If I had a database of customers / readers / followers I could run surveys that wouldn’t cost anything to set up or manage. If you manage a mailing list you can also send out email newsletters for nothing.

Almost all the apps on my phone are free and some are tremendously powerful. The internet, especially YouTube, is awash with tutorials; whether you’re trying to do something practical or technical. There are many sources of consumer advice, deals, bargains and offers which won’t cost you anything to receive and you can even make use of free trials to ensure your credit report is healthy or to watch some movies online.

There’s office suite software, photo editing and even image hosting online that makes you wonder why anyone would bother paying for alternatives.

If I had a pound for every time I could have used the word “free” here, I’d have £12. And I haven’t even mentioned free WiFi. Oh, that’s £13!

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