Freesat Needs The Popularity Of Freeview

Freesat digital tvWhile it’s now commonplace for Smart TVs to have a Freeview tuner in them by default, why is it so uncommon for them to have a Freesat tuner?

Flat screen TVs came hurtling down in price about 5 years ago and then the rise of Smart TVs made the idea of internet connectivity a given. That should have opened people’s eyes to the purpose of having a web-enabled TV. You’ve got an ethernet cable going into the back of it, or your broadband is fiery enough to be able to stream wirelessly to your fancy WiFi-capable TV so why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to cancel the Sky satellite contract that you almost certainly had? That gives you a dish and two cables that are doing nothing. Use them!

Which brings me to my current situation which is the restoration of our flood-damaged house. When you’re making changes, you might as well consider putting a new TV on the wall, eh? Well, nevertheless I can’t resist window shopping. The thing I notice is that as soon as you require your Smart TV to have a built in Freesat tuner, it can bump up the price by anything from £100 to £150 pounds.

There are literally dozens of Freeview-enabled TVs but probably less than a dozen with a Freesat tuner. Samsung seem to offer the more affordable examples but it’s very odd to me that more manufacturers haven’t felt it necessary to offer the option.

Perhaps I’m just biased against Freeview because the channel options in my region are poor but Freesat seems the way to go in my opinion. HD for nothing (yes I know Freeview can be HD too) and the consistency of a satellite broadcast would be my choice every time. However, now I think about it, I am aware that my TV aerial is a right old rickety piece of junk that’s likely to come down in the next storm so perhaps I’m not the strongest advocate of the medium.

I’m sure I’ll come to a decision one way or the other but I’d be interested to know what everyone else thinks about the options for non-contract digital TV. Is Sky really worth the money anymore? I’d rather buy second hand DVD box sets of anything I can’t get access to instead of paying £40 a month to a phone hacker.

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