Find My iPhone Could Save You

Find My iPhoneApple’s security feature Find My iPhone can be the difference between spitting blood that your phone’s gone walkies or that euphoric sense of relief that you’ve got your hands on it again.

Tonight is a case in point. My wife was out in the pub with a group of friends. A momentary glance in the other direction and you turn back to find your phone’s not in your bag. The pit of your stomach falls through the floor because you think first about the cost of replacing it, the fact you’re stranded without the ability to phone the person who’s picking you up and uppermost in your mind could also be the chance some light fingered little bugger now has access to your emails and more.

Find My iPhone on iOS 7 and Passcodes

But you have the good sense to have a passcode on your phone. You also have iOS 7 which has the Find My iPhone feature enabled as standard. When I was alerted to the situation, I was able to check online and see that the phone was still in the building!

The sweep of the immediate area uncovered the phone, not stolen but merely out of view. Huge relief of course and that’s fine but I was also able to track my wife’s progress as she walked up the street to the place where she’d be spending the night.

Thank you Apple for making possible such “taken for granted” miracles.

I didn’t have to remotely wipe the phone, which I could have done. I didn’t have to remotely impose a PIN number on the screen, which I could have done. And the phone’s location was available to me at all times, even if I had wiped it!

If you have an iPhone, I urge you to keep the software up to date, have a passcode on the lock screen, implement 2-step verification on your Apple ID and to keep your Apple ID password complex and change it more frequently than you do. Use to sign in and see for yourself just what visibility you would have if you were trying to track the location of your handset using Find My iPhone.

Find My iPhone may well come to your rescue at some point and I hope that outcome is as positive as it was for us tonight. Defend yourself against the chance of property theft and also the greater menace of identity theft. A smartphone contains everything someone needs to really mess you up.  It’s your duty to spoil their day so they don’t spoil yours.

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