The family technology consultant

IT helpdeskIt can be enough for most people managing their own technology. Being responsible for other people’s tech can quickly seem like a burden.

When you’re the family’s unofficial consultant you need to know your platforms, understand compatibility, manage a growing library of passwords, usernames and accounts as well as keeping on top of software updates.

When everything you’re looking after is in your house that’s not so bad. When you’ve got to guide people through things over the phone that can become challenging. It certainly makes you creative. Sharing step by step guides of images to help people through the various screens and settings certainly helps but it’s patience that’ll get you through the task.

Being the overseer of other people’s activity from an online security point of view is helpful so that you can control what little eyes can see but it becomes a pain when you’ve got to administer changes from different accounts, enabling permissions that don’t seem obviously linked or are described really badly so that it’s not apparent that the two actions are connected.

Maintaining things that are already set up is much easier than getting them all configured in the first place. Yes, the initial hard work pays off so that the longer term is straight forward but every single thing you do appears to have some level of control, mandatory settings or permissions that might seem worthwhile but it gets you further and further from the plug and play experience we’d all like.

So many people seem to have said in the past that their kids sort out all their IT needs but as parental controls, profile management and administrator rights become more prevalent, you’re going to have to be aware of what it takes to keep your devices up and running.

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