Database Cleansing

database cleansingIf you manage a mailing list you will understand the importance of database cleansing. Records need to be kept up to date, there’s no value in having information that’s inaccurate or old.

I can also understand from a recipient’s point of view that if they receive a piece of mail from someone they’re not interested in, or about a subject that isn’t relevant, they have the right to get themselves removed from that distribution list.

Return to sender is not just an Elvis Presley song, it’s something written on pieces of direct mail every day and carted away by Royal Mail back to its point of origin. But when that mailing list manager receives it, they are happy to do the database cleansing if that’s necessary.

The frustrating part comes when the stupid, yes stupid, person has pretty much obliterated their address from the mailer, making it a really hard task to work out what you’re supposed to be deleting from the database.

Just a word of advice to all those people out there who think they’re making their request more emphatic by covering up their address. You’re making it more likely that you’ll stay on that mailing list because I can’t be bothered to get out a microscope to read through the black marker you used.


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