Combining Smart TV and iPad

Control YouTube on Smart TV with iPadOne of the things I like most about using a Smart TV is the ability to pair it up with your iPad so that you can control YouTube on the TV from your tablet.

It makes it much easier to select your next clip because you can type much faster on the tablet than you can using the remote control to click on every letter one at a time. You can also create a queue of clips making it essentially like a playlist if you’re choosing music videos.

To pair your iPad to your Smart TV follow these instructions.

You’ll see this icon on your iPad which you press and select the connected TV, that’s it!

control youtube on your smart tv

The frustration comes when you can’t simply do this for other apps. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to select Netflix choices if you could use the same technique?

TV manufacturers often create apps that they promote as being able to control your TV from your tablet but they always seem to have such poor user reviews that they seem more trouble than they’re worth. Technology won’t be truly user friendly until functionality like this is native to a device.

Have you done this with your iPad yet? Have you found anything else that you can control with yours?

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