Code of Conduct

code-of-conduct-blog-image-lowAnyone who is familiar with the Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode Film Review show on Radio 5Live will know what I’m talking about. Cinema etiquette. How to behave in a polite society. I’ve paid enough money to watch this film, not to mention arranging a babysitter, so I don’t want to;

  1. listen to you talking
  2. put up with the light pollution from your mobile phone
  3. listen to you unwrapping your ******* noisy sweets

I’m surprised that so many people make the effort to leave the house, choose a film to watch, pay for the ticket, find a seat and then, when the actual reason for all of this finally appears onscreen, the overwhelming motivation isn’t to sit down, shut up and watch the film.

Observe the Code of Conduct!!!

If cinema chains and distributors want to ensure they get more bums on seats every week, they should realise that the solution isn’t to pander to the lowest common denominator, wringing every last drop out of a franchise. They can still show a wide range of great movies; just reinforce that with ushers and a zero tolerance on Code violations.

I’d be happy to go to the cinema more if I knew my experience wasn’t going to be spoiled by some inconsiderate person who wants to text a mate to say they’ve just seen something get blown up and it was dead ace or that Catwoman’s bum looked nice. Even if it was or it did.

I was at a screening of Skyfall on its opening weekend which was plagued by some woman who couldn’t stop talking. I don’t care if you fancy Daniel Craig, shut up. When it became clear she really wasn’t going to stop I made it clear that she really had to, and that put an end to it. Wish I’d done it right from the start.

Are you tolerant of other cinema-goer’s behaviour or perhaps you have reprimanded someone for breaching the code of conduct?

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