Apple Macbook is a Big Decision

apple-macbook-OS-X-YosemiteThe temptation to spend a large sum of money on a luxury item is one to which we’ve all given in, whether it’s a new frame for a racing bike, a new pair of designer shoes (or equally designer bag / jeans) or in this case an Apple Macbook.

The initial adrenaline of the purchase sometimes gives way to buyer’s remorse and the knowledge that the next credit card bill is gonna hurt. But on other occasions you’ve thought through your purchase, convinced yourself of all the reasons why it’s not an extravagance, rationalised the decision over and over again until you feel no guilt. And then the guilt returns.

It’s all Bill Gates’ fault. If Windows wasn’t such a frustrating sack of crap sometimes I’d be happy to throw another couple of hundred quid at a laptop and that would be that. But that’s not the case. Every time I end up nursing a computer to the end of its life I swear that I’m not going to go through that extended period of frustration again. And I’m the one prolonging the agony. The computer is begging to be shot through the screen or to feel the blessed relief of an axe through the keyboard but I tolerate the slow, stuttering performance until eventually the thing won’t start any more.

That’s me rationalising why I need to buy an Apple Macbook Pro. That’s my way of telling myself that in fact it’s not £1,000 thrown into the wind, I’m actually buying a machine that will outlast several laptops and without the increasingly sluggish performance, the unstable behaviour and the constant maintenance.

Something I have to contend with is the feeling that after an hour of using the Macbook, I might wonder what I’ve bought one for. I’m not a designer needing to use InDesign or Illustrator, I’m not a musician or film maker wanting to do lots of editing. I want a laptop for the mundane tasks of emails, browsing and editing photos. So why should that be an issue? If it’s going to do the same as a laptop but last 3 times longer then that’s good enough for me.

Right, I think I’m nearly there. All I need to do is rely on this tired old laptop to crash in a very permanent way and I will be off in the direction of my nearest Apple retailer and signing up to a life of praying that the thing lasts as long as I need it to in order to justify the price!

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