Apple Launch New iPhone and iOS 7

apple-iphone-ios7-iconThe latest Apple press launch for their new iPhones and iOS update lacked the impact of launches during the Steve jobs era.

As well as announcing the new iPhone, which apart from a new processor doesn’t seem to have much about it that’s new, they also announced a cheaper alternative which seems to be aimed at the Chinese market. It’ll be cheaper to make due to the plastic case rather like the cheaper iPods.

On Wednesday 18th the new iOS software will be downloaded by hundreds of millions of Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. The main difference will be the appearance. I wrote about the move towards flat design and a pastel palette a few months ago. There are also some security improvements to protect your phone when it’s lost or stolen. From a user point of view, the fact that apps will now update automatically is a help.

Overall I think the main issue is the rate of progress. The first and second iPhones represented such huge leaps forward that it’s difficult to satisfy the public’s demand for spectacular innovation every time you have a product launch.

It is noticeable that they mention features which are already available elsewhere, such as combining the address bar and search bar in the Safari browser. This is something Chrome did a long time ago. I feel disappointed to sound so critical of a company I admire and a brand I personally like. Their battle with Android seems to be pushing them both hard but has the customer reached the limit of what can be expected? Is there just a choice of new apps to look forward to, rather than a phone that can start your car and demist the windows ready to drive?

I’ll perhaps feel placated when my phone looks significantly different but in 12 months time it will be decision time when my iPhone isn’t eligible for the next update.

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