Android Apps Versus iOS

android apps versus ios appsAlmost every smartphone tool is available in both Android apps and iOS versions and it seems logical that the app developer will want to provide all users with a comparable, if not identical experience regardless of their chosen platform.

I’ve used a selection of apps from lifestyle, productivity, social media, games and communication and now that I have an android smartphone I’ve seen the other side of the coin. I haven’t chosen to install all of my previous choices, I think it was a good opportunity for a bit of a cull (certainly never got to use that cocktail recipes app) but I’ve noticed differences on several of my most commonly used apps.

Facebook has a slightly different design and layout but all functionality looks to be the same as it was in the Apple environment. Whatsapp has a nicer presentation than it did before but apart from that is no different.

There is however one that seems to miss out unexpected parts that made the iOS version seem natural. As a football fan I find the Sky Sports Football Score Centre app really useful for keeping up with scores because its goal alert function was prompt. Even if you didn’t have a Sky subscription you can generate a Sky ID on their website and use this to sign in to the app and this would allow you to indicate which scores you wanted to track.

Oddly, the Android version doesn’t give you the ability to sign in and certainly doesn’t seem to offer score alerts. What’s that all about? The positive outcome was that I realised the BBC Sport app offers goal alerts so I’m looking forward to hearing it ping repeatedly during the Merseyside derby this weekend (in a good way)!

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