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Welcome to In High Definition. Thanks for taking a look.

This started out as a project to see how straight forward it was to build a website using WordPress. Turns out it’s very straight forward indeed!

Having worked out that part, essentially this is my take on movies and media-related subjects. It will become apparent that my tastes are varied, but like everyone I have some key touchstones. By the time I was really taking notice of films in my early teens I was getting the chance to see 70s movies like The Godfather, Get Carter and Apocalypse Now. Directors like Coppola, Scorsese and Orson Welles are ones I rate very highly.

Anyway, now’s not the time to reel off every film or director I like. That would leave me no time to mention AC/DC! There’s nothing in life that can’t be solved by listening to one of their first 7 albums. Fact*.

Apart from that, I am married to a wonderful woman and have two equally wonderful daughters. At some point I will use the girls as an excuse for mentioning certain films but the truth is I had a fairly comprehensive library of Pixar DVDs before they were even born. Ah, on that theme, Parenthood is a film everyone should watch! Need to mention that.

Creating your own In High Definition

If you ever get the urge to set up your own website, I’d strongly recommend subscribing to the tutorial videos from a guy in the States called Tyler Moore. He is a WordPress specialist and his Conutant.com website and YouTube feed contains all the information you could ever need. It’s presented in a really clear way; ideal if you dislike jargon and have no idea about writing code.

Thank you again for visiting In High Definition, I hope you find something interesting to read. Comment if you feel the urge.


*  Yes, this is a fact.




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