Improve the speed of your iPad

Do you have an iPad that’s a few years old and has been really sluggish for a while? Want a quick gain in performance to stave off feelings like, “We really have to get rid of this thing”.

Do this, it’ll make a difference.

Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage

list of iOS app cacheYou’ll see a full list of your installed apps and the space they’re now taking up. The word “now” in that sentence is important. The app might have been 10MB when you originally downloaded it but now the amount you’ve used it has caused it to cache huge quantities of data (the BBC News app is a huge culprit for this, I discovered it was taking up 4.7GB on mine).

Delete the apps that have accumulated the largest amount of bloat and then reinstall them.


You’re focusing on 3rd party apps here, not ones that are part of the iOS operating system which probably can’t be uninstalled.

This is only a short term gain, eventually the age of your processor will catch up with you but it may well improve the stability of your apps (you’ve been experiencing apps crashing when you try to open them haven’t you?) as well as improving the overall speed of tasks for a while.

You’re welcome.


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