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In High Definition

Welcome to In High Definition, where I share my thoughts on movies, technology and other media. Above all, this is an opportunity I would not have had if it were not for the simplicity and joy of WordPress, so to mark that, here’s a logo.

wordpress in high definitionI enjoy movies and the possibilities of digital technology. Combining high definition technology and high speed internet in an affordable way is really interesting. The simplicity of bringing together a smartphone and WiFi, or a satellite dish and a digibox brings out my inner geek.

I am particularly keen on taking advantage of technology that allows you to do things for free. Services like Whatsapp and Skype are great to have especially when you’re abroad, trying to avoid overseas data or call rates. This site is also about expressing my opinions on the habits and trends in the use of social media. I’m a keen participant in various social media and it’s interesting to see the patterns of activity between different types of users and how they vary across different platforms. You’ll see elements of this in the topics I write about.

I try to bring things I’ve learned from running the websites at work to benefit my personal activity online and vice versa. Sometimes it’s possible to apply principles I’ve learned during my personal projects to my professional projects.

Hopefully the subjects covered here at In High Definition will be varied enough that you find something interesting to read and please feel free to comment if you wish!

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