The Town

dvdOn the back of the very favourable reviews for Ben Affleck’s directorial career, I finally got round to watching his project before Argo, The Town. He also stars as a member of an armed robbery crew in Boston.

It’s not that the plot structure is particularly innovative but it would be very easy to take a tired old formula and produce something that’s tired and old. But this is far more engaging and involving than most other crime dramas.

Jeremy Renner is quite a violent presence, simmering with defiance that almost maps out his destiny. But it’s Rebecca Hall that gives Affleck something to lean his performance on. She’s solid enough in a role that’s a bit more than a damsel in distress.

The ending was oddly ambigous in its morality. It’s hard to analyse too much without massive spoilers but I was expecting something more satisfying.

Overall, and in memory of Roger Ebert who died recently, I’ll give this movie a thumbs up.

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