The Croods

movie_trackI will probably remember this movie more as the first time we all went to the cinema together as a family. It was my youngest daughter’s first ever trip to see a film on the big screen and an animated movie seemed the most obvious choice.

As a concept it’s certainly different from the usual “princess overcomes evil stepmother” fodder but I think the story comes alive when this family of cavemen are forced to roam beyond their familiar territory.

Looking at one point like Avatar for kids, the strange new lands make for plenty of amusement to keep your kids entertained. My 3 year old was occupied enough and in the final sequences my 6 year old was moved to tears (a sensitive little flower).

I think the fact they were looking forward to seeing it on DVD says they enjoyed it, but I think I personally need more laughs and depth from a film like this. You can’t go up against the likes of Ratatouille or The Incredibles without a big bag of funny moments.

Have your children seen The Croods yet? What did they think? Do you enjoy animated kids movies too or do you think there are too many of them?

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