The Adjustment Bureau


We didn’t really know too much about The Adjustment Bureau when we sat down to watch it but it was pretty good. Matt Damon’s generally worth watching and it was a really interesting premise; can fate be circumvented?

I liked the mix of present day setting with 1950s sensibilities whenever Damon’s character came up against the agents, whose agency remained unnamed. Emily Blunt was a good foil but I guess she’s also the plot device in the sense that Damon’s attraction to her is what drives the narrative.

I can appreciate why it didn’t become the most successful film of the year or anything like that but as a film I selected when I was in HMV presented with a 5 Blu-Rays for £20 offer, I felt I’d got a good deal and hadn’t inadvertantly wasted one of my options. (Does anyone else feel like they’re making a gamble selection when in that situation?)

It’s clear that I enjoyed this film but don’t have too much to say. Perhaps it’s not one I’d revist especially but I’d happily recommend it to a friend.

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