Point Break

ocean-surf-blog-image-lowYou can’t say it’s not fun. You can’t say it’s not memorable and you can’t say it’s not iconic! That’s right, I’m taking on Point Break.

You gotta love the formula; Keanu “Whoa Budapest” Reeves and Gary Busey who’s perfectly nuts for the role. Kathryn Bigelow lays the foundation for her stellar rise to Oscardom, even if it took another 20 years.

If you don’t laugh at, “Young, dumb and full of cum” then it’s not your kinda film. Bigelow even chooses to include the line, “There’s too much testosterone here.” This film is well capable of poking fun at itself. The ex-presidents as the gang’s alter ego is great, I love the Nixon bashing.

But the joy comes also with Patrick Swayze breaking free from Dirty bloody Dancing to show that he can actually carry a film on his shoulders when it’s all about action. I’m ignoring Road House.

I hadn’t seen this film in ages, apart from the clip that shows up in Hot Fuzz in a loving homage. But it still holds up, still good fun, and that’s what some films don’t achieve when they’re really trying hard.

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